In a moment - it all falls apart
In a moment - light turns to dark.
In a moment - new beginnings become ends.
In a moment - a betrayal of friends.

Yet will I praise Your name
Yet of Your faithfulness continually sing.
Until I am gone, keep pressing in.
Surrounded by You, in mercy and grace I swim.

Yes, Your mercy astounds me,
Your grace is all around.
That you would lift up my head,
When others wish I would drown.

You are my true husband,
My welfare you keep.
My provider, my lover,
The one inside of me.

The ecstasy of lovers.
Our hands intertwined,
Not side by side,
But absorbed into one.


My every tear you collect,
My breath reaches your ear.
The knotting inside me,
My cries you do hear.

When it seems darkness surrounds me,
When I hear not a sound.
When the silence is deafening,
When life shakes my ground...

You remind me, that as the waves of the sea,
They toss and roar all around me,
Yet not a single hair can it touch
On eagle's wings you lift me up.

Here I stand, yet not I but thee.
For without you, am not I.
Your word, my life breathes.
Your promise sustains me,

I shall not be afraid,
Only stay close, so very near.
Your word is my only hope,
Ever present lest I fear.


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