I gotta admit guys... Digging in the dirt is not my favorite thing ever... *gasp!* ...


My mom finds it highly soothing and therapeutic and I have a friend who sings its praises so eloquently that she almost persuades me that her love of nature mirrors my own... almost...

That is of course until I find myself outside, covered in dirt, bravely laughing and having "a grand old time" while inwardly my teeth grit and every time I close my fist around the moist dirt an electric shock courses through my body, a sensation I imagine closely resembles nails on a chalk board in physical form.

I really want to enjoy gardening, and I do so enjoy the spectacular views God's nature affords.

But... but... and that's a big but...

My practical reality doesn't bare witness to my idealized desire to want to love it. I dream of being self sufficient, living off the land, being one with nature...

But what about the bugs?! Bees and such that always taint the beautiful aromas of sweet smelling flowers. Worms in the dirt?! Mosquitos and flies... Spiders?! Ants?! And of course, there's dirt, the sensation of which fills me with a deep cringing that I would love to shake, but just can't find that balance between loving the view and hating the physicality of it all.


And this is something I hate to admit, to say out loud, something that I'm sure many people cannot even remotely comprehend, those lovers of nature. I admire them so, and long to live among their ranks, but... the bugs... and the dirt... ugh.

Don't tell my husband, because I have convinced him to go on a journey, where we will live by nothing more than our wits and our love of nature. Haha. You see, he is a lover of nature, and I have only ever reluctantly accompanied him on hikes around the lake, BBQs under the big Texas sky, walks through unknown places, and games of soccer in the open fields. Mostly I have stayed under the cool shadow of large trees and expressed my disdain with skreiking cries as one of nature's inhabitants, usually bees or other large flying bugs, invade my personal bubble, or threaten to do so. The scream usually pairs well with a swift change in direction in the form of running, or stumbling if I am really frightened, and laughter is the music that fills the air following the spectacle. You know me, always the comedian, willing to put my masochism out there for the entertainment of all! ugh.

But I really want to enjoy it! So as we start off on our journey, I hope to formulate a plan for overcoming my inner city girl and exchanging it for nature girl. I'll let you know how that goes... Who knows, maybe it'll make me a millionaire if I could package it and sell it to all the nature girl wannabes like myself, haha! Tied up in a cute little box with a bow and sold in an air conditioned boutique, of course.

I have no solution to this dilemma, no wonderful ending to this story. Just dreaming of breathing the pure air in wide open spaces, and taking baby steps to get there. Or maybe I won't take baby steps, maybe I'll just jump right in in typical Holly fashion.

In the meantime, let's admire this beautiful view of my mother gardening. Since I abandoned her... because dirt... while she teaches my daughter to love it as well! =)




One with Nature, or Something like that…

One thought on “One with Nature, or Something like that…

  • October 12, 2015 at 7:21 am

    Ahhhh girl, I am not surprised. I myself am one of the crazies , I love it! Like I could sit for hours in the sun planting plants and talking to them , and gloves? No way I love the cool, fresh, rich earth smell and texture smoothing through my fingers ( Reyes where’s gloves he’s more like you he doesn’t like to be ” dirty”) I sit right in it, I find role polys and play with them, I rescue worms from my shovels.. I am sad when I am done and have no more earth.. It is like a form of meditation for me communing with nature .So never fear you have friends,, and if you want your children to be take care of your land , I can help teach them, send them over for a day in the dirt !;)))


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