I love baby's breath... tainted with the smell of sweet milk, there is something so pure and intoxicating about it...

Inherent innocence and heavy, reminding me that life isn't a race to be won, but a crawl to be enjoyed, day by day, moment by moment. It's the still small minutes of the day that count and live forever in our memories, that mean the most, the consistency of parenting small humans in the mundane of everyday work that matters, even when it seems so little and insignificant.


This is the future generation I hold in my hand and in my heart, I have the ability to change the world in the way that I teach my children. I pray not to lose sight of this reality in the midst of misperceptions when life gets frustrating or when I feel that nothing ever changes.

The truth is, nothing ever stays the same. Enjoying my babies in the midst of all this crazy I live, cherishing their sweet faces and sounds, inhaling their breath, and remembering, THIS is life. And life more abundantly!

Life, More Abundantly