know how some people can go on and on and on? Come on now, don’t
judge me. You know exactly who I am talking about. Everyone has them
in their life; everyone knows an “on-and-on-er.” Love them or
hate them. I think that most of them don’t realize they are talking
endlessly on a subject that their victim isn’t even remotely
interested in, and they feed off of the polite “Oh, really?”
responses while the poor listener waits for the chatter-box to take a
break. Now can you relate? Of course you can! Without a doubt you
have been on one side or the other of a conversation like that.
are also those “on-and-on-ers” who realize their fondness for
excruciating detail can be unnerving to some but they just can’t
help it. Try as they might to keep it short, sweet and to-the-point,
before they know it, they are drowning their listener in the “who,
what, why, when and where’s” of the story, often chasing rabbit
trails and getting lost along the way.
know because I am one. My mom is too and I probably inherited it from
her. Don’t ever ask us a question or for advice because we will
give you a twenty minute explanation when a simple “yes” or “no”
would have sufficed. And when we get to talking, watch out! My
husband is a bottom–liner and advised me that after 3 minutes, he
quits listening and assumes the conclusion!
I’m guessing, if you’ve made it this far into the story, you are
an “on-and-on-er” too, because you like details and background
history before actually getting to the point! Well, here’s the
inspiration for this post: I just came into contact with a fellow
lover-of-details on the phone at work. While her story was
intriguing, there wasn’t anything I could do to help her, but she
wouldn’t let me go because she was so caught up in the details of
her recent experience! It ended up being an unnecessary thirty-minute
phone call.
well! And that’s my Wayward Wednesday for today! Happy Hump Day!
Catch ya later!

Wayward Wednesday
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