Oh me, oh my... I tell you what... I am sitting here at the computer, trying to get some work done.  But every time I look down, I see this beautiful little face.  She is very distracting.  I keep finding myself staring at her; studying every facet of this sweet, perfect face.  How fleeting these moments are!!  How quickly they get away from us, and before we know it, we are looking at a full grown human being.


It seems like throughout the whole pregnancy, especially towards the end, time just drags by, and you can't wait to not weigh 500 lbs anymore, to be able to control your bladder, eat without getting heartburn, wear your regular clothes, sleep through the whole night again, and then it's over.  Just like that, and you are holding your new baby in your arms.  And all of a sudden, it's like time decided to run a race!  Like no matter how many hours you spend soaking in every moment, it's never enough.  Like you can physically see them growing before your very eyes.  And it's beautiful.

Jubee sleeping

God is so amazing, and He teaches me so much through having children.  So much about the way He loves and takes care of us, the way He wants us to depend on and trust in Him.  And even though I can't imagine being able to love my children any more than I do, because my heart is just bursting with it, somehow, my love doesn't even come close to the way He loves us.  It's so amazing to me.  We have such a good and wise God that He would create something as special as motherhood to give us a taste of the way He loves and sees us.

It is truly these little things that are the greatest blessings in life...

It’s the Little Things…
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