2013!  I can't believe it!  Doesn't it seem like every year passes faster than the year before?  I'm not big into making New Years' Resolutions, but I think this year I would really like to focus on cherishing and treasuring the ordinary moments and hum-drum days instead of just the "special" and "extraordinary."  There are so many missed special moments when we rush through life, and those are the ones I want to slow down and seek out.

Those blessed hands I love...

Today was a great start to a new year.  My babies and I got to spend it with my mom, "Nana's House."  Now, I don't know about y'all, but I always think about good smelling kitchens when I think about my grandmothers.  And it is no exception with my kids and my mom.  So, we spent New Years Day baking cookies.  Chocolate Chip.  Snickerdoodle.  Coffee.  Mmmm...  A little chill in the air, warm coffee, and fresh cookies.  Now that sounds like heaven to me!

Nana teaching GC to make Snickerdoodles


GC having a go at it


About to go in the oven!

GC loves to help anytime we cook anything, so of course, he was thrilled to get his hands dirty (and then lick the cookie dough, of course).


Jubee wrapped in the blanket I made for her
Post cookie nap
Happy New Year to you and yours!  May God bless you and give you wisdom for the year to come!

Happy New Year!
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