Yay!  I've been thinking about making a Moby wrap (aka Faux-by) since the baby was born.  I love baby wearing and I lost my sling from when my son was little.  🙁  But it was a simple sling anyway, and I wanted something a little more versatile and that would give me some hands-free nursing time.  But have you looked at Mobys?  They are a little on the expensive side, especially with Christmas so close, who has an extra $50 to spend?  Not me, that's for sure!  So I went "Google-ing"(My favorite thing to do, btw...) and sure enough, I found some great DIY tips for making a Faux-by!  Google never lets me down!  You can seriously find anything...

Off to my local fabric store I went, and I found some great jersey knit material (read: NO SEW!) on clearance.  Six yards, $15, and 30 minutes later?  Ta-dah!  My very own, unique, cheap, and convenient Faux-by!

Jubee and Mommy

I am a baby-wearin' beast!

GC, Mommy, and Jubee

You can find the tutorial I used on Rookie Moms.  She also has a link at the bottom of the post that sends you to a YouTube tutorial put out by Moby showing how to wrap it.  They actually have several videos showing various ways to wrap the babies at different ages.  And, of course, browsing YouTube will result in many more videos on the subject!

I'll leave you with one more picture that my sweet GC just had to take of us!  😉

So what?  It's just slightly blurry... 😉

Papa, Mommy, and Jubee

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