Every year, on Christmas Eve, ever since I was a kid, we have opened one small gift, in anticipation of the following morning.  I always loved that tradition growing up, and I want to carry it on with my children as well.  GC got to open a little die-cast car from Cars 2, Professor Z.  He was thrilled.  Little ones are so easy to please and the pure delight that lights little faces from something so simple is really amazing.

I decided that I wanted to add something to it though, something more substantial than a material item, so we gathered 'round the fire and made some midnight s'mores.  And it was yummy!

The Goods

Learning how to do it...
He sure loved burning that marshmallow!  
I look a little cray-cray...
GC couldn't quite bring himself to eat it because it was too sticky!
Papa and Jubee stayed behind the scenes...

We had a blast.  What are some of your Christmas Eve traditions??

Christmas Eve S’mores
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One thought on “Christmas Eve S’mores

  • May 6, 2014 at 10:38 pm

    I have the same small gift tradition, I think I might add the s'mores in also!


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