Happy Valentine's Day!

Haha... This reminded me of me...

Honestly, this is one of the corniest holidays of the year, in my opinion, but, hey!  It's a great reason to give (and get) chocolate!  And any day that celebrates chocolate is a-okay in my book.

Jubee, my sweet little valentine...

The hubby had to work today, so I got to spend it with my little ones, who are now peacefully snoozing.  That is my Valentine's Day present to myself: some Mommy Time!  We usually stay up until Papa gets home from work before settling down for the night, but not tonight!

I am using this free time tonight to work on some fun projects!  I got some fun, bright yarn a few days ago in anticipation, and here are some of the things I have been working on:

GC & Jubee in Little Layers Hat

 I love this Little Layers Hat.  I have seen similar things out there, and I always wanted to have one too, but I just couldn't find the time to fit it in.  But it's here now, and that's what matters!  🙂

Cookie Monster Lens Critter.  So cute!

 I got a custom order for a Cookie Monster Lens Critter, and I was so excited to get to work on it!  I am so happy with how it turned out!  That will get those little ones smiling for sure!

Peace Cup Cozy.

Now that the end of the cold weather is in sight (Well, at least for me! Texas winters are only cold half the time anyway...), and I start to think about putting away all the heavy clothes and scarves, my niece suggested  making a cup cozy.  What a great way to hold on to winter for just a little while longer, keep the coffee hot, and pretend there's snow outside!  Who am I kidding...  Even if I pretended there were snow outside, I don't think I could do it right.  I've never even seen snow deeper than my ankle!  Oh, who cares!  I love coffee even when it's 100 degrees outside, so might as well keep it hot in style (or cold, as is the case in the photo: ice water)!  I love how the Peace Cup Cozy turned out!

Now that is what I call productive!  Happy Valentine's Day to me!  And to you!  What did you do to celebrate Valentine's Day?

All designs on this post are my own, with the exception of the Be Mine hat.  That pattern can be found here. Enjoy!

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